Looking for WordPress Blog template like Moz Blog

Hey guys,

I’m in a process of creating a new blog for our SaaS product. One blog that really stood is Moz Blog: https://moz.com/blog
No hero image
Clean and simple design without unnecessary clutter
Clean menu and submenu (not neccessary but helpful)
2 columns list of posts
Clean one column desing of posts (https://moz.com/blog/moz-local-new-gmb-insights-support)

Does anyone know good wordpress template here on themeforest that could help me make our blog similar to Moz’s? So far in the Wordpress templates section I’ve found very cluttered designs (magazine like) or too “Art-y” design.

I’m fluent in HTML/CSS/Javascript so I can make some customization.

Thank you for suggestions and tips :slight_smile: