Looking for Woocommerce subscription / membership plugin that can roll unpaid payment over to next month

I need a Wordpress ecommerce / Woocommerce for real estate management with criteria:

  • Subscription cannot be cancelled by residents directly. It requires estate admin to process cancellation (if not residents anymore).
  • Unpaid subscription must not cancel on its own, but roll over to next month.

Hey @DiditzZz

Subscription plugins are a dime-a-dozen, but those features are very specific.

My advice would be to start off by purchasing a customisable woo-commerce subscription plugin (as a base).

FantasticPlugins have built a good one here:


At that point, I would reach out to someone like @ki-themes who can provide customisation services over on Envato Studio. Once you have the base plugin, it should be less expensive for them to build the additional features you’re looking for.