Looking for WooCommerce Add-to-Cart Event Pop-up Notice

I am looking for a plugin that can add a custom styled pop-up to the add-to-cart button on global products or disable on individual products.

When a user clicks add-to-cart, I need to show a pop-up containing terms and conditions, but I need to be able to add two custom buttons with labels: Continue Shopping and Read Terms, which redirects them to a custom Terms page url created as a WP page.

An added benefit would be if the pop-up can store their decision on the their user profile and not show the pop-up again if they click “Continue Shopping” and “Read Terms” for logged-in users.

For logged out users or users that have not created an account, the pop-up wil show all the time.

Hope this can server your need

Many thanks, much appreciated - I will study those features in-depth.

Both of these have great functionality and styling options - but you cannot enable the pop-up on a ADD-TO-CART click event. It must pop-up only when a user hits the Add-to-Cart button.

I can customize plugin further as expected