Looking for website 3D mockups with PSD templates & images included

Good morning,

I would like to add some nice-looking 3D website images to my site.

I’ve found several 3D website mockups on Envato.

The problem is, as I see, I will need additional website PSD templates that will be put in 3D mockups.

The next problem is, website PSD templates do not have images included (if I am not wrong) what generates another problem - I will need to find (or buy) images, then put them into website PSD templates in order to put the websites into the 3D mockups.

Is there a way to do it not in such a complicated way? Like, are there any PSD website templates available on the market that have images included? I don’t really need to edit the website templates - jpg images ready to put into 3D mockups will be enough.

Maybe there are different ways to achieve what I am looking for?

Thank you for all your help.