Looking for web theme where customer can visibly see in real time their personalization on my printed products

Hello. I am looking to build my first website / ecommerce store. I will be selling wood signs for home decor, vinyl decals for numerous various products, tumblers, digital downloads & more things like this. I am a graphic designer with 19 years experience in graphics, sign making & vector artwork. I currently have an Etsy shop but I need better customization without spending hundreds of dollars. My specialty is personalizing my products for instance a wood sign with family name on it or a personalized sign for children room, personalized mug, custom mailbox sticker, etc. I would have a basic template as a design on my product and then I would like the customer to be able to type in the personalization part and be able to see it right there on the design on their screen before they add to cart. The purpose would be to eliminate the back and forth communication between me and the customer regarding proof approvals before production. Seeing that I want to grow my business I will not be able to have one-on-one time with every single customer once I get to a certain customer growth base. Does this make sense? I have seen it before but I don’t know what you call it and I cannot find one that is integrated in a webpage template already. I’m very new to this and know nothing whatsoever about building a webpage. (I am learning off youtube). So as opposed to simply having a box for customer to enter what they want printed on the product (this works but much more inconvenient. I want the interaction of the webpage and customer), I would like the customer to be able to type the personalization in and it show up right there on their screen what it will look like on my product without me having to separately send them a design mockup/proof before proceeding with production. Hopefully this all makes sense, but is there already a Wordpress or any webpage theme out there specifically for this purpose that I can purchase and build for a reasonable cost?

P.S.! I am planning on using Shopify but that could very well change depending on my findings on this matter

If you’re interested in using WordPress and WooCommerce for your shop, there is the WooCommerce Product Customizer plugin on Codecanyon that I think can provide the features you need (you can use this plugin with any free theme you like - such as WooCommerce’s own Storefront theme):

Definitely double check the features yourself (or even leave a comment on the item page to check with the developer), but it does allow for custom text, fonts, images etc with a live product preview.

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