Looking for web developer for themeforest cooperation.

Hi to everyone,

I am an experienced UI and UX designer with more than 5 years of experience, living in Montenegro. I have designed and done of the most famous projects and websites in Montenegro.

So, I’m looking for a web developer who is familiar with building websites (code optimised) for ThemeForest.

  • A perfect understanding of HTML,CSS,JS is a MUST.
  • Working with animations isn’t something strange to you.
  • You have an experience in the field with projects backing that up. (portfolio)
  • Making fully responsive websites is a MUST.

I know that this list is kind of irrelevant, but it is at least you need to be good at so we can work together, and I promise, I will do my best to help you in any way. At last, we’re working as a team, aren’t we?

Why am I looking for web developer? Well, I’m a web designer, but not a developer. I need someone to develop my ideas from photoshop to working website.
For more, let’s chat over Skype / Slack, or whatever you think it works for you.

So, maybe we can make our web agency, making websites for clients and themes/templates on themeforest, maybe we get lucky. Who knows? :slight_smile:


Hello Alex, reach out to me here. Interested to hear your thoughts.