Looking for “Video Tutorial” creator - English

We’re hiring a freelancer with native English accent and basic knowledge of After Effects to create professional video tutorials for our products.

About us :
Pixflow Studio is a family of developers, artists, motion designers, designers, illustrators, animators and 3D experts passionate about making original and high-quality visual products.
We are experts in creating beautiful WordPress websites, High-quality Motion Graphics and easy to use toolkits, You can see many of our items in VideoHive’s Popular page such as FX Particle Builder, Pixity Land, Typo King &…

Job Title:
Video Instructor

Job Type:

Job Description:
You’re working closely with our Product Manager and/or Support Manager and they will tell you their needs and details of video via mail/Skype and you’ll create the video with voice-over. We ask for revision(s) if needed. No need to capture yourself, just the screen.

Required Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of After Effects

Learn features of our products

Native English accent (American or British)

Know how to record your screen and voice

Prepare high-quality voice over

Be creative and find the solutions.
Team – Contribute to a team environment that is encouraging, positive, and creates a great experience for those that work with you.
Be an efficient communicator – respect other’s time.
Be constructive – both in contribution, and critique.
Be timely – finish things when you say you will.

Please send us an email using pxflow@gmail.com and provide your short biography, payment requirements and work samples (optional).

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

PixFlow Team

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If you want work with client that know english 100% than you can send a message private on videohive your profile maybe he/she can help you, regards.

p.d: I don’t can help you because I not know english 100%

Can i publish your preview videos on youtube for affiliate marketing.