Looking for vibraphone sound in Komplete 11 ultimate

Hi guys, I’m looking for a good vibraphone sound in Komplete 11 ultimate. I’ve been searching in the kontakt libraries but can’t seem to find anything good. It’s for a sneaky blues track. Thanks!

Hi Allen. I found a couple Massive presets that offer synth emulation - “Vibes 2” might be the best. FM8 has “Vibes a bit softer”. I found no good sample based vibes. Looks like getting a third party sample library might be required.

If you haven’t used it yet, check out Komplete Kontrol to use a keyword search of ALL the factory based sounds in ALL the K11U libraries and vst presets. I’ve started using it more and more and it is very handy.

Good luck on the search for vibes!

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:sunglasses: Thanks for the info Mr. MidnightSnap, I’ve checked them out and I found a preset from Kontour called “vibra tremolo” that would work in the track.

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