looking for VH VFX particles logo author for collaboration

good morning everyone

We are looking for skilled and experienced VFX authors who can do a particles (trapcode pluging must be ) for our marketing product teaser to reveal a “colored coming soon” text with shade light hoover effect (we have video ref)

Text must be reveal in diagonal from top left to bottom right as it appears
Budget $180
4K 3840 by 2160
Length 3 seconds and 21 frame

Must be the same exact or very close similar effect.
VIDEO reference of what exactly we are looking for
TIMECODE @00:46 or @ 1:07

We provided
4K Original clip of our teaser
Premiere pro edited with clip already edited (final reveal clip can be inserted or we do it)

please contact us only you can do this exact same effect as this author is any longer available for years.

thank you

Hello my friend!
I can help!

good morning
we have looked at your profile none shows what we are looking for…
we are looking for an skilled and experienced authors with trapcode and particles

please contact us only you can do this exact same effect as the video reference we have shared in our posting.

thank you

Hi. Did you try to contact the author of that reference video you linked? So you can have the very same particles effect you want from the author who made it.

good morning GoForMotion
thank you for responding back to us,
Yes I sent him an email via the platform here on his portfolio
as well from our email we google him as well and he is OFFGRID or he has shifted his email?
last work we found he did was january 2021 1 year ago.
so unless someone is in contact with him we are definitely looking for an artist who can do the same
thank you

Ok :+1: