Looking for vector graphic artist (Paid Work)

I am making a casino building game, currently far in development and im looking for someone to make some assets for my game.

Quality that im looking for: https://www.youtube.com/embed/t4E7yIY3o9M

-2560*1440 is screen size
-All being vector, and with the same quality/theme as the link specified
-probably isometric like design, but ultimately whatever looks best

Total assets required:
-3 building types (Blackjack table, Roulette, Slots), both occupied and not = 6
-Bar building type (person with a circular bar table serving drinks?)
-Vault building type (could be a safe?)
-Background/inside of casino

View the attachments for an idea of what im looking for in terms of design/layout
-of course the quality is poor which is why i want to hire you :slight_smile:
-you have the freedom to make final judgments on the design in terms of what would look best

Basically the final design is the inside of a casino, with each one of those square nameless blocks being a building type, atm they each are the same pixel length/width but it can be changed based on what your new buildings look like (try to keep them consistent with each other)

If you are interested can you give me a quote/estimate on approximately how long it will take you to do this and what it might cost?

Please feel free to ask for any clarification if needed
Contact me at this email for more info/if interested: dylan2malec@gmail.com

Example of layout design:
casino-isometric-interior-game-room-bar-slots-playing-people-vector-illustration-71360908 (1)


Alternatively you may be interested in some help provided by freelancers from Envato Studio