Looking for users to test a new app for envato sellers.



If interested send me a private message over my profile :slight_smile:

beta version


Thanks to those who helped me. You will receive a premium version + the little bonus easter eggs.



Not used this but I’m sure it’s very good. One thing though… all of these kind of things work with the one account when quite a few authors have more than one. I appreciate that it’s relatively simple to log out and back in with your other details… but it would be a nice usp if there was a way to sign in with multiple accounts, have a dropdown to switch between the different ones, and even a dropdown for combined results.

Not sure how complicated that would be, but I’d be happy to sign up, and probably pay a small monthly fee or one off payment, for such a feature. Could be an in app purchase or something.


Woohoo! Added support for multiple accounts.