Looking for translucent, loose horizontal pending ....

Dear All,
i would apreciate your help in finding a Theme, i can not find.

i am searching for a Theme:
with a background picture i can choose for every menu item myself.
the backround picture should fill all space at the sides and top.

with an menu, that is translucent and that is horizontal loose pending which color i can change by myselt for every menu item

with text boxes that are translucent over the backround picture, too and i want to change the color of them myselt in every single menu item.

I want to integrate google maps

it should be possible to set some fields to links to special menu items.

It should be compatible with the newest word press version.
it should be responsive.

Thats All, sounds easy, but i can not find something like that, i hope you can held me with this.



similar to this menu


You will not find such theme , only to customize template you have or build from scratch site.

Thanks, to customize the Menu Ü(make it translucent in the color i want would be ok)
Do you know a Theme fitting to all the other points, whith customizing the Menu myself?

Bye the way, the picture you see is exactly what i need, it is a Theme, the problem is, that it is very old and not compatible with a current wordpress version…

so it is not impossible :wink: