Looking for tips and advices))


So - hard reject - thing to which you need to get used

I know that audio-reaction projects not so popular, but they are. May be, there is not very clear description of what I suggest. Main point of my project that this is NOT “convert audio to keyframes” - it is making with your own hands - place marker - see the note. May be - I could not bring this idea to the reviewer.

Your suggestions, tips and advices will be very helpful )))


what did the reviewer say?)

" it is making with your own hands" - hmm… so why do i have to buy it?) it looks too complicated… a lot of work for buyer…


He said as usual )) "…as it did not meet our minimum requirements…"
About “too complicated” - i’ve made very detailed video-tutorial - how to create your visual from zero, step-by-step and it’s really very easy…
there are a lot of more complecated prjoects, for example something like this:

May be my presentation was weak for reviewer, that’s why i’m looking for advices how to increase chances and make absolutly clear understanding of what i’m suggesting.


it might just be clarifying your concept for the purchaser. After watching it I am left with many questions…
what does it do… What do I have to do to get those results. As St Denis says, it looks too complicated.
Often a rejection, just means, work it a little more… How do you make the buyer say, "wow, thats cool"
However, you did a lot of good work here, don’t give up on it.


thanks )) i’m still keeping it in my head. Will try to reconstruct and update during next week