Looking for timer plugin


I am looking for a plugin that displays a timer above the header on product pages, and beneath the product description of the single product pages.

Is there such a plugin? Thank you kindly.

It will help if you tell for what platform you need such plugin?
And for what you need that plugin ? For some kind of auction or…?

HI Zacco,


I need it for a Wordpress website which works with Woocommerce.

I need the plugin to display the order time.

Let’s say its 2 pm, and we deliver the next day if the customer places an order within the next 3 hours: before 5 pm.

So the timer in the header will display: ‘[clock icon] Order within 2 hours and 59 minuten and get order delivered to you tomorrow’.

The timer for each single product would be a timer but smaller.

The timer needs to reset every day at say 5 pm.

Does something like this exist? Thanks!

I have find only auction plugins , templates etc. And nothing from that will not suite to you.
I can make custom solution but I don’t know do you have budget for that.

What is your price?

You can contact me and we can talk about details.
Do you need for all items same clock or seperate etc?