Looking for this type of site

i’m looking for a site that as the same function as this www.mobafire.com

anyone know what type of site this is cant actually think what it would be called.

You can try “gaming”

I did have a look but nothing along the same lines with the form submission


That is a custom work. Do you want only the magazine type or the API connection with the LOL sites etc?

Let me know and we can find a way out

I have a site already that is built around a certain game but just need to get around customising it. I also need to set up the registration system with a profile builder and a blog system, then move on to some sort of API connection with the game but I’m not to sure of what the game API is like and what they will let me use.


Sure thing I can help. Feel free to contact me and we will get the way around. Worked with those APIs’ before, when been part of a team as a web developer and when WoW was still on level 60, so I am an old - school on those platforms! :slight_smile:

Hello again Kostaskatsimitrou!

Could you tell me what each of these API does has API is not my strongest ability to do or understand.


Their is one more link which im going to post straight after this.

Here is the other one https://www.poxnora.com/api/feed.do?t=json&r=mechanics


It seems that those are some Actions, skills etc, that you can get the info from the API.
Everything is placed inside and you can get the informations from the JSON file.

Thanks for your reply Kostaskatsimitrou

We need away to actually speak for better communication.

You can email me at kostaskatsimitrou and I will be happy to help