Looking for this Audio from this video - Minimal Smoke Logo

Can someone help me locate the audiojungle file that is in this video clip? https://elements.envato.com/minimal-smoke-logo-VG6HCFM

@VidnoaDesign, as an Elite and veteran author should know that crediting the music is not optional and is a requirement for using it! This is true for VideoHive and this is also true for Elements.

You can find the item on VideoHive here:

There the music is credited, but is wrongly attributed. The author has been asked twice about the music in the comment section. They either ignored their buyer’s question or said they fixed the link, when they obviously didn’t. This poor business practice shows a real lack of respect for AJ authors as well as for their own buyers. Coming from an Elite author, this is really lame.

You can try and contact @VidnoaDesign through the message box on their Videohive profile page (you have to be logged in) and see if you get an answer.

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Im so sorry for this problem . We changed it again with wrong one . because of our miss spelling projects names in our projects list.

Mistakes can happen.

I see that you’ve now put the correct link in your VideoHive item page, that’s good. But, you also need to credit the music in your Elements item page.

@healthmentor, here is the music logo you’re looking for: https://audiojungle.net/item/elegant-paint-drop-logo/1942418

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!!!

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