Looking for themes and plugins to create a WordPress community photo sharing site.



Hi all!

I need a bit of help.

I want to start a photo sharing site built on WordPress.
It will probably be using BuddyPress for all the social aspect.

What I need help with, is finding a theme that works well for photo sharing.
When I say that it needs to have a main gallery of all the user photos, sorted by date uploaded.
Each photo has it’s own page with stuff like favouring it, comments, etc
Of course, not going to find the perfect theme, will need to edit it a lot to get to that, unless if anyone knows of one? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would also need user editable profiles, be able to follow and receive notification when a user uploads new content. Each user would be able to post blog posts of their own.

Any ideas?


You could use ImagePress plugin with any theme. Development is pretty active and updates are posted every two months.

Also, it has all the features you need, like favourites, comments, editable profiles, frontend uploads, collections, profiles, portfolios and more.


Looks good, going to give it a try.


Thank you. Let me know how it works for you.