Looking for the wordpress theme of a site

Hello the community,

I’m looking for the theme used to build the www.naxhelet.be website.
I really like the first screen with the different sections.
Unluckily, the author of the website have hidden the details of the theme.

Can you help me to find the theme on Envato?

Thank you in advance and have a good day!

I am pretty sure this is a custom made Theme. You will not find this theme on Themeforest. If you want, I can make a theme like this. If you need my service Please contact me.

Email: jakariakhan015@outlook.com
Skype: jakaria.khan015

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing your requirement here.

If you like I could custom create a theme as well as website for you. I have a team of skilled developers who will independently work for you.

I would immensely appreciate an opportunity to have a work with you.

Kindly share more details.

Mahima Gupta

Basically, you won’t get an exact theme. But, you will get themes close to your requirments. You have to make it fit to meet your needs.

If you search for restaurant or hotel keyword on themeforest, I am sure you will find results very similar to what you looking for. You can use it as a starting point to build your site but if you want to make it look the way you image, you need to hire a developer to customize it.

If you need help in custom front-end development work, I will be very much interested to collaborate with you on the project. You can message me on Skype (crelegant).

Have a great day!

Hey @aur3li3n , here’s something almost with the same functionality in Kallyas theme :

It has a lot of options, but you get the idea of what it can do. For the moment it doesn’t have straight vertical tiles but i’m planning that for a while.