Looking for the template that can sort various product. non-wordpress

I am looking for homepage template ,not wordpress template .
I consider to make the special page that enable consumer to choose the product easilly.
I will make the page where is individual , different from current shopping cart , but after click new page of certain product , it goes to the cart page .

There is many template that have the function of "sort " , but I cannot find the template that can be sort multi keywords.
For example , If you selling a car, some people might choose car brand first , then choose car type . such as Ford<Sports Type<New or USED<Color .
but other people might choose ,first Car type ,then brand and New Or USED , such as Sports<Ford<New or USED.
The other people might sort as New or Used<Ford<Sports.

I guess that TAG function might help , but if you put multi tags , is it enable to show some page that is only showing the same multi tags ?
Sorry I cannot explain well , but hope there is some template that have this function.

Did try with some plugins , script? I can help you with Wordpress but you don’t want WordPress.

I did try to find by searching template, not by plugins or script , perhaps my method to search is wrong?

Hi, do you know any plugin,script, or template for Wordpress?

I think it seems difficult to find the solution by HTML, so that I consider alternative , and if you know any method for Wordpress , please advise.

You can use Woocommerce and this plugin for filtering.

If you need I can make whole site I just need specifications.

Hi, Is WooCommerce Product Filter the Free Plugins if I don’t need the support ?
I cannot find any differences between free trial and Requler licence.