Looking for the right wordpress theme for my project

I am looking for a couple of Wordpress themes that have at minimum the following features:

-Unlimited user account
-user group creation (selected users can be added to specific group)
-custom group name
-user can be added to specific group
-registered users can see the names of other members and groups
-payment feature
-document management features
-register for events
-social media integration
-donation button
-shopping card
-shop page
-photo gallery



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You won’t find all that out of the box.

You should look for a theme which ticks as many points as possible and then look for plugins (and that work with that theme) or better still find a freelancer to hire to add other aspects.


  1. depending on what you mean by ‘shopping card’ and the complexity/volume of membership and document management then some of those requests are not going to be small inclusions

  2. if it’s going to be a sizeable site then you are going to require some pretty serious hosting and setup.

  3. you are going to need to think carefully about how the personal data included there is handled and stored.

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thanks for the input. shopping cart meaning users can also shop, add items the shopping card and check them out. I have seem plugins that allow group functionality. So I am looking into how effective they are. Group management is the main thing i need to get right first. Most themes I looked at so far have most of the features I am looking for. this is work in progress and one piece at the time