Looking for the right template

Not sure this is the right place to be posting…

I’m hoping someone can provide me with some info. I consider myself tech savvy but I’m not in this space so don’t know what can or can’t be done.

looking for a pick up drop of service, similar to the logistic template (http://preview.themeforest.net/item/logistic-pro-transport-cargo-online-tracking-booking-logistics-services/full_screen_preview/1) but with a few more features such as:

  • Manage Bookingsand send dets through as SMS or tablet.

  • Customers can enter Pick up drop off location that can be forwarded to staff

  • Displayed Map location that can be shared

  • Provides qoute based on distance of drop of pick up location

  • Read conditions tick box

  • Enter discount code with discounts having expiry dates

  • Pre pay for the service using discount code

I’m sure there isn’t a template that does all that. Can you modify templates to include specific features?


You can modify themes and templates to suit your needs but:

  1. there are some quite sizeable edits there that will almost certainly need integration with an existing app or extension

  2. you should check in advance with the author that the item you are interested in will be able to handle the necessary modifications esp if you are using 3rd party apps in the process

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So you recommend I pick a template I like then have a chat with the author regarding my wishlist mods?

I am agree with @charlie4282 and yes you got the right scope. If the theme Author not available to make the customization freelancing job. Then go with a freelancer. you can hire a freelancer from https://studio.envato.com/


Not with MODS - with the author.

There will be some integrations that simply won’t be possible to ahcieve and you need to be aware of these before you start