Looking for the designer of a product I bought, please?

I am looking for IMDESIGNS (fonts for photoshop). I bought 12 NEw Premium Metal Styles. The files are corrupted so I can no longer use them. I wish to make a second book cover using the font. I am willing to buy again. Author: MUH.ALFIAN. How do I connect up with him or her?

Couldn’t find anything using those usernames. The best way to download the item again, or contact the author, would be to visit your downloads page, find the item and download it again. If that doesn’t work, click on the item in your downloads and you’ll be taken to the item page. There you can use the comments tag to ask for assistance, or click on the authors user name to go to their profile page… and you can use the contact form on there.

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I found the download page by buying a similar product and downloaded the
both of them. Now I know. Thanks for contactting so fast.
Michael. Didn’t know about it

Michael James Gallagher
[contact information removed]

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