Looking for the best community image uploading theme

I have came across “syncope” theme which seems to be something similar to what I’m looking for but I’m wondering if there’s any better themes that would suit my needs before I purchase.

The purpose of my site will be a community based website that users can upload images after creating an account to the front page but viewable by everyone. Pretty much documenting their progress via pictures. Users would need to be able to comment and give support and encouragement regarding the persons images.

Things from the top of my head that might be required which syncope does have some of these
Mobile responsive
Easy to upload images from mobile in png,jpg and the usual general picture types (syncope only has jpegs)
Ability to add ecommerce
Users able to share their pictures to instagram
Images listed so it’s easy to scroll through and look at all the images instead of top 5 for example
Most liked images and most liked users
Ability to send messages between each other

Thanks for any advice

Please let me know your details so i can let you know.
you can also contact me from here

I can help you with that
Best Regards