Looking for the advertised design on the landing page

Hi lovely people, can anyone please help me find the following design? The name of the design or the designer


Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you sure that this design was made using a template from the GraphicRiver market?
I don’t see any design here. This is just a photo, 2 words and a button. I think that perhaps this was not done using any template. But you can find similar banners on the GraphRiver market.


yes not to mention that model pictures are not included lol

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Not to mention that this photo is from a competitor market. I found it using google image search right now :smile:


Thanks, hmm I tried to search and found it on another market, it weird. This is not the full design, this is just an envato Ad I found lol. Thanks I will try to search for it in Google :slight_smile:

this is sure that this doesn’t not get any better lol