Looking for that kind of template

I’m using bridge template but it can’t do what I want for a new website.
I’m looking for that kind of template https://hookie.co/# in particular with the image background which disapear when you scroll. Menu is also cool.
Thanks for your help.

Hi, if you are using Slider Revolution, then here’s how to achieve that fade effect during scrolling:

  • go to Slider settings

  • you’ve got a settings section on the right hand side:
    General Settings section, Layout and Visual section…
    and there you have the Scroll Effects section

  • click on the Scroll Effects Section to expand it

  • switch Fade Effect on

  • (you can specify the max blur or leave as it is)

  • and you can specify what elements are gonna be effected by these scroll settings

  • choose at least one, e.g. Background otherwise nothing will happen

  • don’t forget to save the settings

  • done

  • refresh the page including the this particular slider and see it in action :slight_smile:

You can play around a little bit with the settings…
I hope it helps!

Just don’t blame that poor little Bridge theme :wink: it is loaded with tons of features… really…

Additional info:
Originally https://hookie.co is built with theme: https://themeforest.net/item/calafate-portfolio-woocommerce-creative-wordpress-theme/17338706