Looking for tf.market._____ ?

Hi guys, i am looking for themeforest and codecanyon site. i don’t know what i called him. where i can see how many member are how many countries. also check my commission rate an also check my all earning and other.

i was checking this site 4-5 month ago.
i have saved linked on my book marked now i deleted my book market. the url link something like

tf.marketpedia ?
cy.marketpedia ?

if some one remember this link please share with me.

http://tf.marketopia.net/ - Themeforest unofficial statistics
http://cc.marketopia.net/ - CodeCanyon unofficial statistics

I hope this helps! :smiley:

yes this one is i am looking for.

is it not themeforest site ?

thank you.

Correct - they have no ‘official’ relation to Envato in any way.

Thank you for you help :slight_smile:

i thought this also part of themeforest.

now i got it.

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