Looking for template similar to this


I am looking for a template similar to this - https://www.ligavam.lv/

There should be grid look of products and stores, with available filter.
Also in the product category page there should be a sidebard with multiple options.

User registration is optionable. If user registers then it can save some items as favorites, comment on items and stores.

We have found multiple job posting templates however we would like to find a suitable template for kids.

Will be waiting for your answer.

Also something similar to this - http://preview.themeforest.net/item/superlist-directory-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/13507181?_ga=2.214365783.153434380.1499970770-2020421653.1499970770

Hey @Elcis91,

Three questions which will help us pass on some theme recommendations…

Firstly: What’s the use case of the initial request. You mentioned that you’re trying to find something that’s suitable for kids, why so?

Secondly: What aspect of the Superlist theme doesn’t fit the bill? As in, why not just purchase that theme?

Thirdly: Are these two distinctive projects, or are both requests for the same project?

Let me know and we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

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Hey @matthewcoxy

Yes I wanted to find template thats suitable for moms, parents and kids because we will make online catalog for shops that make baby items, food, furniture and even events all related to kids.
And we would like to list these companies in filtrable lists in multiple categories.

Regarding good examples - this is the best I found. https://www.precos.lv/

COuld you help me find an template similar to this - https://www.precos.lv/ ?


Hey, can you help me to find similar template to this - www.precos.lv ?

You can make with sp page builder pro, virtuemart and with struct joomla template, or juster joomla template.

But you need to custom them to look like in your example.

Best regards