Looking for template import for Wordpress

I want to setup a Wordpress website, add plugins and make settings - like Woocommerce options.

I would love it if there was a way I could then deliver this ready made content to different domains I make.

I’ve seen some themes on CodeCanyon have it… like a way to import sample data.
(But missing things like Woocommerce settings.)

Is anything like this available?


You can use third party backup software to clone the website, if that’s you need but about the theme license, you will need to purchase another copy, too

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Thanks. Never thought about cloning. I think that would work I guess.

I’d like to setup an automated service where a customer pays and then has clone deployed + has a form presented where they need to add specific input, like Paypal for Woocommerce.

Just wondering how best to do.

I came across 2 plugins on Wordpress website that copy sample data. That’s really cool. Apart from CodeCanyon, I hadn’t seen that done anywhere before. One of them is REALLY big.