Looking for tech services company WordPress themes suggestions

Hello developers and publisher.
I’m searching from a WordPress theme for a technology company/ IT company/ digital company. The company is base offline and they wanted to publish there website, website for company representer.

Company about, missing, vision, goal, history, work log, service, custom resting review, grape chart, blog, shop, teams, single team person profile.

Company provide multiple service like software development, graphics design, ui design, marketing, testing and more.

So that i searching for a theme that having Modern design like vector gradient color, vector icon, drag and drop builder(element prefer, othe van be allowed), seo optimize, speed optimize (without plugin), use 2 or 3 plugin, comfortable with yoast, rank math, contact form 7, other popular plugin, responsive, all browser supported, all design including that will maybe required by company. About, service, team, portfolio, customer reviews, teams, service experience, blog list, single blog, grapes chart, stores, animated UI prefer, darker ui avoid and more than will be best for a technology company. Also support custom feature implement without any problems when the theme got updates.

Color prefer: blue, sky blue, black, White. (Other color can be recommendable)
Low uses server resources for running. regularly update, most selling, well rating, friendly developers, support team, well documentation.

Price: price is not a problem. Can be pay good for a best theme.

And one thing website will add web app in future like project tracker, project update, customer management etc etc what will company think. That can be easily implementable.

Thank you. Hope i will find a best theme.

There are many many themes that could offer most of these features - you will need to look through the relevant category and see if you can find one that looks right rather and then check the functionality, as basing a search on generic functionality will not work.

Personally I would prioritise one of the established multi purpose themes and customise the design as the business needs as these are likely to have the best flexibility and sizeable support teams etc.

A few things you need to consider -

  • 2 or 3 plugins will never happen. Page builders and contact form alone is 2 and that’s before you add any sliders, seo, etc.

  • ease of custom implementation depends on who is creating that and what it is/does not the theme

  • presumably this web app is something completely stand alone and which is just linked to the website somehow? This is the perfect example of something that the theme/author cannot be held responsible for

Thank you for your response. I have list around 20+ theme. But i am confused which is should I buy. Would you please recommend me a theme?

Personally I would use any theme by @greatives like Impeka or @fuelthemes like Revolution, but any of the big themes like Salient, Avada, etc will inevitably have what is needed.

As above, most of the features you want are fairly generic so you need to decide if you want to find out of the box best options (will require your choice) or if you want core quality and to invest time and effort in making it the perfect solution.

The other thing to check is the authors profile and rating for other items, release and update dates on any item etc

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I recommend Infetech, a new theme for IT company/ tech company / Digital company. The design is ok, trendy, clear and stylish.

You can go-ahead with custom theme development too as per your design