looking for team members to start long partnership

Hello mates
We are creating a team to work on TF

We are

Francisco from themeforest.net/user/liquida
Bohdan from themeforest.net/user/wwwebinvader

We have been working alone, but at this time the market requires teams of 4 or 5 members, at least, to create a respectable brand.

So we are lookin for other 3 members to complete the team and start working together in a long partnership to reach big sales
We need to members with experience on ThemeForest, and good skills in PHP, JS, HTML, CSS and Wordpress
Please if you are interested share some of your work and experience

PD: here is some of our latest work


Also we have this 3 Approved PSD to start working on the QuadLayers brand


We can make a collaboration as team. Take a look on my profile for further discussions we can talk on skype.