Looking for Talking Avatars on my website for Comments or reading short news

I am looking for talking Avatars … yes there are many on the market, most of all Crazy Talks with real good Avatars … but the problem is always the same, no matter who offers: The Voice !

I want those Avatars present my website, give short comments and maybe read short news …

Most Avatars use mpeg voices in different languages and they have several problems:

  1. The pronounciation of special words or words and names from other languages
  2. The voice must be produced on THEIR servers and I want to have everything in MY server
  3. The data-size because its mpeg – if you have several Avatars speaking on your site and keep that in an archive for a while it costs a lot of ressources
  4. Electronic voices would be smaller but pronounciation is even worse than those from mpeg and I never found an electronic voice fitting the lips like the inbuilt mpeg voices and its hard to combine a program like Crazytalks with an electronic voice …

Anyone has an idea how to solve this ? nice Avatars I can construct myself combined with a self hosted voice and a perfect pronounciation ?