Looking for specific plugin (Watermarking mp3)

I need a plugin which will allow to watermark mp3 files before download started:

  • visitor come to the website, and gonna to download my music
  • he must - enter his e-mail, then his e-mail recording as watermark in mp3 files
  • mp3 files zipped and his download link ready
    For what, user uploaded files in the internet, I’m dowloading those files, opening and see his e-mail in mp3 files data, so I know who did it.

You mean like if someone listens the mp3 file, they would hear the email address?

Email address to record in IDtag, not in music itself, in aim if somebody who downloaded file will upload that file to the internet illegally, we will be able to trace who did it.

It’s no hard to change the IDtag, you don’t even need to use any software. That won’t be a solid solution
but if you would like, I could create a script or plugin (WordPress) if you’re interested in, please, drop me an email

Not sure if there’s any extension/plug-in already coded somewhere

I have checked and there is needed to have ffmpeg support on server, and my one doesn’t contains such, so thats impossible to make it =(