Looking for specific browser game

Hello guys, I’m looking for specific browser game, called “Unlimited ninja”, “Ninja Classic”, “Ninja World” and… Actually this game has so many names and each of them is represented by a different company.

I dont even know if they are companies, because most of them are “copies” if I may call them that way, they have only 2-3 admins and 10 Game Masters.

The game has few other copies with EXACTLY the same interface but on another Japanese anime type - Fairy Tail Online, Bleach Online, SAO’s Legend.

I am sure that the game is for sale because it is impossible so many copies to exist. It also may be found on chinese, italian, french and mobile version also on another company.

All of their websites, even Fairy Tail Online’s, Bleach Online’s, SAO’s Legend’s look exactly the same with few design differences.

Website design and In-game interface: