Looking for Sound Effects

I’m in the market for some audio files. The seven audio clips I’m looking for need to be in two different formats. One is 8-bit, 16 kHz, mono .wav. The other is standard MP3.

These first four sound effects need to be distinctly different from each other, loop-able and 7.5 seconds in duration. The exact effect can be varied, but suggestions are in parentheses below.

Earth (earthquake, rock falling)
Air (wind gust, tornado)
Fire (fire place crackle, forest fire)
Water (underwater bubbling, water fall)

These next three sound effects have varying lengths and do not require looping. Suggestions are in parentheses as well.

Success sound – between 2.5 and 4.5 seconds (“old video game mission complete” type sound or maybe some type of ascension/promotion sound)

Failure sound – less than 1.5 seconds (something simple like a buzzer or gong for an incorrect answer from game shows)

Error sound – less than 2.5 seconds (if the .wav file allows it would be good to have a voice saying, “Error, too many cores.”)

I’d like to hear a sample of each sound file before completion if possible. I’ve purchased individual audio clips from audio jungle and converted them to my requirements, but the sounds weren’t balanced consistently. I wouldn’t have a problem paying $50 for these as well. If this price is unreasonable please let me know and I’ll try to adjust.

Thank you,

Hello @R8973kj ! All sound effects are located here in the format 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHZ(wav, mp3), you can enter any query that you need in the search bar, I’m sure that you will find all the sound effects that you listed.

Also you can select the desired time of the sound effect in the search parameters.

Good luck searching!

Hi CleanMagicAudio,

I’m looking for 8-bit mono, 16 kHz, wav. I’ve already purchased several sounds from AudioJungle, but the different audio levels to my requirements aren’t consistent.

Thank you for the response though.


If you’ve got suitable sounds you’d be better hiring somebody to convert them to your specs and balance the levels on each of them. Im sure they do that for $50… but $50 for seven custom sound effects which will probably require a few rounds of revisions, sounds a bit low.

Hi SpaceStockFootage,

Most helpful response. I wouldn’t have a problem doubling or even tripling the offer price. The ascension and error sounds are the only two I don’t have. So would need new ones for those. But I’m willing to work with anyone that wants to go either route.



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