Looking for something to sell virtual services

I’m looking for something to sell services. Could be for any services where inventory is not a factor. Say, website design, Instagram likes, etc. All I’m finding is booking scripts, but I don’t need to book specific dates. Anything that comes close is either not maintained, missing Stripe or looks like it was designed in 2006.

Must have:

  • Clean & modern UI / responsive / CodeIgniter or Laravel
  • Stripe integration w/ recurring billing
  • Customer UI with order tracking
  • Admin UI with all basic elements, like order tracking/updating, user info, settings, etc.

Anyone have something like this?

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For doing this customization I would like to recommend one of the Websites & Programming experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.

Based on your requirements it’s a definite customization and to get services of a programming expert at envato. Please drop me an email via my profile:
I have been offering my services into the market for more than 4 years.

I will provide you great results. Please start communication to finalize the details

For such things you can buy any wordpress template who is support woocommerce.
An that is all you will get all what you need. Simply and it is working. You can and customize site by your needs.

Did you found any suitable theme as per expectation ?

Get a theme like Avada or Divi and add the woocommerce plugin and I think everything you are looking for will be there.

I agree, very simple solution : WooCommerce. Easy to use, I sell services with it all the time. Sélect Virtual product when you create your product. Et voilà! Most (if not all…) themes are compatible with WooCommerce. But verify if it is the case for the one you choose, just in case.

I developed a theme for this exact purpose and it seems to have the functionality you requested, please check the live preview here https://taskhive.hivepress.co/

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What you need is called an invoicing app