Looking for someone using the latest Mearishop theme



I am the owner and webmaster of a website which was using an old version of the Mearishop wordpress which has apparently been discontinued ( see http://themeforest.net/item/mearishop-a-clean-responsive-ecommerce-theme/2920813 ) and I hadn’t downloaded the last version of the theme (version 1.5 from 31/01/2015 I believe)

My website has been hacked and my theme folder has been compromised, so I was wondering if anyone would have kept a copy of the last Mearishop theme ?

That way I could customize it again and upgrade it to make it work with the latest wordpress version on my website that I am rebuilding.

(the only copy of the Mearishop theme I have was the one of 20/08/2013 compatible with wordpress 3.6, so there are many things which have changed in the meantime and making it compatible with the last wordpress version would be quite complicated).

Many thanks for your help in advance,
Nicolas Burdell


Try to contact theme author, maybe they still have the developer version.


Hi Loc_rabbirt,

Thanks, yes, that’s the first thing i did, I should have said it.
But I did not get any answer so far and by the look at the frequency he replies in the support forum (like once every 4 months), I do not really count on it.

I am going to change theme in the near future for a better supported theme, but that would take quite some customization time, so for now my main concern is to get a kind-of-working version of the site live again :slight_smile: