Looking for someone to create an animated background (technologic/futuristic) for a broadcast on the internet

Hello everyone,

I’m going to try to be clear: I’m making a new cultural broadcast on the internet. As I wanted an original background for this broadcast, I made my footages with a green screen. I would like to make something a bit original, that’s why making a holographic protagonist seems to be a pretty good idea to me, but I don’t find any footage on the internet for my green screen which would be close enough to what I’m looking for. I would like a background with a pretty futuristic atmosphere (but not too much), in 3D for example. I’m looking for a freelancer able to create an entire original footage background for my green screen for my broadcast. So if there is a freelancer able to create a 3D-like animated background for a hologram shot on green screen, feel free to contact me.

I know it’s a bit “sassy” to ask such a thing whithout more precisions about the project, but it would depends on the freelancer, I’m open-minded and maybe people have ideas I don’t have, so I prefer staying evasive for the moment.

Go for some kind of space background. Everyone loves space stuff, and I think that would look really good. Recent studies have shown that using anything other than a space background could result in a lack of viewers. Honest. I can assure you that I probably didn’t just make that up. Maybe.

I don’t know if you noticed that you answered me a similar thing few weeks ago, but anyway, I love you.

However, if someone knows where I can find freelancers able to do the kind of stuff I’m looking for, it would be very helpful :slight_smile:

That’s consistency for you! :wink:

I have previous experience in hologram animation in 3D. I did it for a local film (it is not a green screen shot )of my office and it’s not released yet. To give an idea for your footage, I have to watch a preview first. Send a preview video to my email frostfxsl@gmail.com.

Ranitha Silva

Hi, thank you for answering. Actually, I already know how to create a hologram, the problem here is not the hologram, but creating a whole background in 3D, because I need to have a background with a good atmosphere, I mean, if I use one brackground from a random background library, it would seems to be “cheap”, the real problem for me is the background, I don’t know how to do 3D (and I have not a really good inspiration for that), I guess we have to use softwares or plug-ins such as Cinema 4D, Element 3D, whatever…