Looking for someone to cooperate with

I’m relatively new in AJ, although registered from 2016 but mostly active recently.
I’m looking for someone who wants me to make music especially for him for the videos he uploads to the site,
The goal is ultimately that the videos will inspire me and of course make people buy my music.

I’d love to hear if there’s anyone like that
A wonderful evening for everyone.

Hi Didas !

If you are looking forward to collaborate with me as an author then i can definitely help you out with my services… as per your concern i can make a great business website for you so that you may easily target your audience and direct clients and get great sales from your music beats. Just an idea i have shared.

Looking forward to your prompt response / quality feedback.

You too have a great evening

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Sorry for the less rapid response, but I’d really love to hear details.
You can email me anything and get out of there.
Thank you!