Looking for someone to code a fullwidth audio player onto my site


my apologies if this is the wrong section, its also my first post.

i am developing a website, an audio content platform. unfortunately, i didnt realize the constraints of opencart on my knowledge until it was too late, and most of what ive already done is straining my abilities.

im looking to incorporate a full width audio player into my site, the only examples i can think of is soundcloud and, a company who isnt a competitor or sorts, but, has a similar business idea, which they perfectly convey through their audio player.

im also looking to incorporate an audio player into the product images on the main page, like a little play button, so it plays without clicking the image. maybe incorporate it into the site wide audio player.

ive spent £40 so far on various extensions and work on code, none ive been happy with. can anyone here make me happy ? haha

site for reference http://thepatchbay.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=274

excuse me as i am still in early development stages.


HI garyfl,

Previously I’ve worked with artist and developed a couple of audio players, I can develop the audio player you are requesting, Let me know if i can help you out. You can reach me at moosethemes at gmail . com , I’m a themeforest author with 8 years of experience.