Looking for someone to build a fullscreen HTML5 photo gallery with simple backend for loading images

Hello, I am looking to hire someone for a freelancer project (or if someone can refer me to an existing product, but I’ve looked and haven’t found what I want) to build a fairly basic/clean fullscreen HTML5 photo gallery front-end with a simple back-end way to load images. I would love if images in the gallery could have titles/captions attached, and if they could load/display in a random order each time the page is loaded.

I currently have my own HTML5 photo gallery which works quite well, but I have to manually load each image into the gallery using HTML code which is exhausting since I have TONS of photographs I want to put into different albums/galleries. I would really love some way to be able to just upload multiple images at a time and have them automatically populate into the gallery I choose. I’ve seen this functionality in WordPress plugins, but I don’t particularly want to use a WordPress site for this since I really only want it to be a photo gallery and nothing else (except for maybe an additional “About” popup that I can put some information about me into).

Is anyone able to build something like this for me, or does anyone know of a solution that would achieve this? Again I’ve searched for this before but what I’ve found isn’t what I’m looking for - either the images have to be manually added via HTML like my current gallery, or they can’t appear in random order, or the gallery is just one small part of an entire site structure.

Did you see something like GalleryGen - Image Gallery HTML Code Generator by cosmocoder | CodeCanyon or some of these items https://codecanyon.net/category/html5?term=gallery#content

There will never be a substitute for a properly custom created solution. If you go down that route then I strongly suggest trying www.studio.envato.com so that you have protection from envato

You can drop me an email via this link to discuss the details

As per your custom requirements i believe that you might not get same to same script as per your requirements. There might not be always a suitable and proper custom code solution.

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