Looking for someone that can make me an Intro

So i have a Gaming Channel on youtube which i use to upload videos such as;


All of them sort of games, i have an outro but i need an intro… I would like one custom to something i think i would like…, if you can let me know and we can look into it further and talk down PM or somewhere else that would be great!
Im looking more towards a cool Equalizer and some sick music playing in the backround and the equalizer obviously moving to it, but im not sure yet

Youtube Channel;

Hi there ! feel free to contact me via my profile and I will be glad to help you :wink:

I cant see an option to message you?

Hi, I received your message in my personal email account. If you want to
write to me through my profile just go to my profile and at the bottom of
the page you will find a check box in which you can write and send the
message :wink:

Nope still cant see it, is there any other stuff we can talk on?

I dont know if it is allowed to post personal info here, but here is my email : coronel.design@gmail.com. write to me and we can talk in detail about your project :wink:

You should consider adding a link to your profile in your forum settings… might have saved a bit of confusion!

If you are still searching for a motion designer, i can help you. :slight_smile:

need help_emphasized text_

Can u make me an intro for my gaming channel plz

sure, no problem, I have 2 question ?

  • Do you have an example that you can show me, a video you like , to give
    me an idea of what you are looking for ?
  • What is the budget you have for this project ?

Kind regards