Looking for some PhotoDune free file nominations for a new email campaign!

We are seeking submissions for free files used for a special email promotion. One nominated item will be chosen entirely at random, to be used in an email sent out next week.

This time we’re specifically looking for a PhotoDune Photo!

What’s the process?

In this thread, post a message with a link to your PhotoDune item (you must be logged in as the author of the item) and we’ll add it to our shortlist.

From the shortlist, we’ll select a file at random for use in an upcoming Envato Market email campaign. This provides excellent item and author exposure.

Criteria for selection

In order for a file to be added to our shortlist to be chosen, the file must meet the following criteria:

  • You’re the author of the file you’re submitting
  • It’s gotta be a PhotoDune file (obviously!)
  • Your submission is in before 5pm, Wednesday 25 January Australian Eastern Standard Time

What if I want to withdraw my submission?
If you submit a file and change your mind, simply flag your submission comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration.

Any questions just post them below!

PS- Submissions close 5pm AEDT Wednesday 25 January.

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Go on then, you’ve twisted my arm…


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I would like to be part of this.
My nominations :

  1. https://photodune.net/item/dollar-on-laptop/18104327
  2. https://photodune.net/item/dollar-bill-house-with-pencil-on-architects-blueprints/18105453
  3. https://photodune.net/item/cutting-dollar-bill-money-in-half/18104340
  4. https://photodune.net/item/glowing-by-pressing-enter-key/18105519
  5. https://photodune.net/item/eye-glasses/18104326
  6. https://photodune.net/item/pressing-enter-key/18105457
  7. https://photodune.net/item/construction-of-the-colorfull-wall/18104336
  8. https://photodune.net/item/eye-glasses/18104334
  9. https://photodune.net/item/us-dollar-money-over-blueprint/18104338
  10. https://photodune.net/item/us-dollars-on-laptop/18104341
  11. https://photodune.net/item/dollar-bill-house-on-architects-blueprints/18104313

You can take anyone from these files.