looking for some feedback please?

My latest track ready to go, is it sounding ok?


Uploaded? Passed the test? :notes:

Great mood, but I think you have too much volume in the low mid and not enough in mid and treble in general. It sounds muffled. To start, I would attenuate low mid on the marimba, guitar, and piano to let that space to the bass guitar more. Each instrument should peak at a different place in the spectrum. You have a lot of stuff peaking on each other between 200 and 500 hz I would say.

Nice track !

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

AnthonySigouin -Yes it may be a bit overloaded in low/mid area, my monitoring isn’t the best around. I’ll have a closer listen.

How do others find it on their monitors?

My monitors are far from great too :slight_smile: And I agree with the others - there is too much at low mids and low end.

first I listen it I feel like I’m in Indonesia, such as ethnic music with gamelan bali. nice !

+1 @AnthonySigouin I agree, a bit too much of loudness

Ok thanks everyone, I had put it in the queue for review, but I think I will make some amendments and upload again.