Looking for SIMPLY AND SAFE Wordpress theme - different from the trend !!

Desperatley looking for a multi-user market and listing theme like Etsy or ebay (with or without auction) BUT
clean code
NO google fonts
NO social networks connections
NO outside or cloud hostet scripts
NO calling-home-links and automated updates etc
NO localization tools
NO translations, moffs etc
NO Supertrooper Navigations etc
NO AD-codes as most users use Adblockers and Trackerblockers
NO inbuilt US-payment platforms - the world is bigger than USA !

clean html and css with SYSTEM-Fonts and a panel to set EVERY font, headlines, text, links, breadcrumbs, metatags - for my personal needs with color #000 - size in pixel, style like italic or bold - line heights must be NATURAL like every browser knows - 16px Georgia has a different height than 16px Arial … PERFÉCT READABILITY

Good membership programm with frontpage submitting
should contain possibilities for groups to create common shopping (like city-groups buy from a special farmer once a week)

Should contain : I am looking for …and also I am offering
Should have different departments for private people and professionals

basics for Bitcoin, Litecoin etc and also possibility to add own currencies (any widgets ready?)

Affiliate and Provision-System - means NO paid membership but only %% after a purchase like ebay

GOOD compression for images … wordpress compression is not enough and people are used to upload by smartphones - if ones does not have the underground-server-cities like google the server is full after 200 customer

it should compress at least as well as photoshop by hand - make 24kb out if 1,5 MB e.g.
automatically after upload (maybe someone can create a good widget for this? would sell a fortune !!)

GOOD Blog-Styles lists, masonry etc with clear clean looks
a PERFECT Archive-style - most themes just use basic wordpress archive - thats 12 years old and made for simple blogs
If you have many categories and blogthemes over 3 years - try to find a special article !!
So a GOOD searching system A-Z and day,year - subject etc on top of a good designed archive-site

a GOOD Multiple-Events-Plugin with frontpage submission - same conditions as listing of goods and jobs for my users
or the possibility to use a good existing one also with a good searching-system

As you can see: Most themes and authors use stuff you never need, fill your server, push up your transferrates, slow down your performance, are a high risk of security (like google cloudfonts or facebook or google social shares with trackers) but are badly missing very useful and necessary positions like a PERFECT Readability and html-system fonts, the possibility for an easy setting of colors and sizes of ANY position and compression of images … no shop or listing can exist without images and they become bigger and bigger with smartphones so you either need to spend a fortune on server costs or limit a small amount of users …
It seems that there is a system behind it … why are google fonts not just offered by a simple widget if someone wants them but you are FORCED to have them and their ugly settings of lineheight and grey “300” stuff — and all this fixed in the hardcode and no chance to get rid of it ? Why are NO system fonts in the themes anymore ? Every letter I type or my users type can be read and will be stored in the google-cloud, they read out the IPs of my visitors, their bank accounts and time when they are online . total control and you even must pay for that PLUS its extremely ugly and slows down your site because of the loading from the cloud

If anyone else but me is interested in a simple and safe script then maybe someone will create one and calls it “darknet”:wink:
If I had the money to hire someone for it I would not post here - but many are like me to look for a clean and simple and safe theme and they all get more and more crap and are more and more unsafe … so ONE scripter might earn a fortune offering such a safe and clean theme with the possibilities to create markets, magazines, blogs, listings etc … module system

I demand that EVERY Wordpress Theme MUST have inbuilt system-fonts and the possibility to extract google fonts and their settings totally ! (I use all kind of google-font-blockers but the settings are still there of course)

I demand that a warning must be under every theme where theme calls to - which widgets or scripts are not on my own server and how they can be extracted - better to offer them per download and not in the hardcode

One spends a lot of money here and after download it is all the same junk - google fonts, same social networks, no chance to get rid of it

I ask for simple, fast, clean and safe script - who else but me ?
Lets turn it around and become free and save for our money !

sorry for my English, its not by basic language - if your German as a foreign language is better than my English you can blame me

You can check my themes/templates

thanks I checked but this is far from what I want - you know ETSY?
I want something like this PLUS a simple Listing look-for and offer PLUS Events
good old style - with good old navigation and good old fonts
look at ebay . or etsy . multi users single and shops etc like or with WOO multi vendors
just the basics must be simple - no google, no facebook etc !!
but thanks anyway and good luck

You should check WooCommerce themes. You could find some similar theme and I could modify it if you’d need customization

yes I did . I ckecked them all - simple does not mean an empty page but a simple code - I purchased “Directory” by Chimp-Studio because it looks more ore less like I wanted but inside the code is horror … just google fonts, tons of stuff I dont want and need and limited to 200 listings etc … it should LOOK like this but WORK without all the stuff I mentiond below .

  • Stock items tend to = multiple options and versatility.

  • Overly simple code or design = less likely to be accepted.

It’s just the nature of stock sites.

You may be better off finding someone to build it freelance if it is that simple. You can look on www.studio.envato.com but bear in mind it won’t be $50


You will not find a theme which suits your needs 100%.

That’s why I mentioned about the customization
If you’re interested in, you can contact me via the following contact form or Studio

no this is the reason why it should be easy to customize it yourself -. which is impossible if google-fonts are implemented in the hardcode and stuff like facebook and twitter too - you never get rid of them and even if you implement system fonts they still destroy your typography - eg.the line height remains that ugly google-height and you never get a natural line-height again

Not actually. If theme has good code, you can disable google fonts or twitter/facebook buttons within 1 min using child-theme. As for fonts, if line-height was set not in px, you’ll don’t get big problems.

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I dont want to disable them - I dont want them to be there anyway !! Nada ! Not on my server ! Every script today is written with INBUILT google fonts - it does not help to kick out the link in the header, its everywhere and most of all the settings - google fonts have just ONE line-height and this is fixed - even if you can make it to get back Arial Helvetica and Georgia, the google-line-heights overrule it - its impossible to read a text when lines are hanging around in the scenery with no natural distance. Every browser knows the natural line-height of Arial or Helvetica, but not of google-fonts - they dont have one. you must set them and of course no one can or will set line-heights for 700 fonts in all sizes ! so they just take one for all - you can try that out - jump from 14px to 30 px and its clashing together and NO - giving option to set it by yourself does not solve it - you never can hit it the way system fonts can … they are made for optimal reading and remembering . a nomal person does not read word by word or line by line but stares on a paragraph as a whole and you cannot when there are no correct line- and paragapth-hights ! but hardly one of the so called scripters here is educated on typography - they just take the different blocks offered everywhere and put them together - facebook brings bullets for images? zack -everybody uses bullets though its the biggest crap - your eyes have to work much harder to jump between squares and rounds and back, become tired, you lose concentration and leave the site - but this is not the problem of the scripter - he got his money for the copy and Envato got its commission and those few people who understand are not really missed as customers …
then - you have all of this crap on your server - you always must make security updates though you dont want and need that stuff - it costs performance and traffic and its always a high risk that someone from outside can hack in one of those APIs and links and activate them - then google or facebook read out what you type, where your visitors come from, their bank accounts
do you really think you get something for free?
only thing free in life is death and this you pay with your life
if you dont pay fonts with money then you pay with something else …
do you really think they give away 700 fonts for nothing and because they love you ?
Since offshore hosting and anonymous domains are available for everyone 70 Millions of Wordpress-Users really have the chance to blog anonymously, sell and make opinions - thats something the big ones can never allow …
now they force you to accept full control by hanging the sausage in front of your nose . look 700 fonts, though 4 or 5 is the maximun you should ever use … and a horrible setting but FREEEEE - so everybody WANTS and so google takes control over your site - users, passwords, bank-accounts. every letter you type they not only KNOW but PROVIDE - if any regime asks them to shut you down they do it - they close the cloud for you and you have one emergency font on your site if you use a browser with inbuilt fonts …

If google would really love you and give something for free then why not vice-versa?
The theme scripted in system fonts and an option to download and host google-fonts
it works- you can try every one out and if you like on - load it down and host on your server - 4 or 5 do not bother your performance and speed as the cloud does but then google would not have control over you and I bet this platform Envato encourages scripters to make google fonts a standard - am I right? Because why does everyone set google as a standard you cannot get rid of and you always have to beg to get an Arial or Georgia if the other way round would be much easier, faster and would fit ALL the needs of a user - having a fast and secure script, can try out google fonts and if he prefers one load it down or kick it out again … simple. fast and secure - imagine WHY it is the other way round … because people want it? They have NO idea , they just see – FREE and say I WANT - thats the trick always working in evolution - the few thinkers here .- they dont count, money and control first !

If a theme has a good code it would not force users using stuff they dont want - a good code would give me the choice and offer me extra widgets if I want google-fonts or facebook and does not force me to deactivate or use widgets to deactivate !

I dont want to be forced to disable it - I dont want it in the script !!

If you want it - look for a widget and load it …
but dont force others to carry that stuff in his script and on his server !

beside that - if google-fonts are integrated then the whole typography is a mess because google fonts dont have a natural automated line-height ! Even if you block google fonts and use websafe fonts the integrated horrible google-line-height cannot be deactivated - Arial and Helvetica then have the same horrible line heigt like google-fonts - these settings overrule the natural websafe-font lineheights !

Every websafe font has an integrated line-height, Georgia a different one than Verdana and so on - depends on the upper- and lower lenghts of f and g and so on - if you change the size of a websafe font like Arial or Helvetica you automatically ALWAYS have the perfect line-height no matter if you switch from 12px font size to 40 px or from Helvetica to Times… its always perfect to read, every line, every paragraph

Not so google of course. Why do you think they created those fonts? Ask a specialist or a font developer how much work it is to create a real good font …and then 800 for free ??

This was the only reason google created those fonts – you never can use more than 4 or 5 but woow 800 and all for free and zack one more victim is in the cloud …

Google fonts dont have inbuilt line-heights, this would be too much work and too expensive … this is the reason why a text made by google fonts is nearly impossible to read - hanging around with a wide line-height because this height is fix … if you change the size of the font from 12 tro 30 the lines clash together … some authors give you the possibility to change line height by yourself - in pixel or % but you NEVER hit the right height, you cannot, because of the different upper- and lower-lenghts of the fonts … and you never get the right paragraph – its horribly to look at, even more horrible to read it, even nearly impossible and all of this for what ? To steal my content and my user datas !!

Like I said - its simple : If you want to have it - get a widget for google fonts
if you want to have Facebook-Trackers get a widget for it - there are hundreds

But dont force others to have this in the script and on the server !