Looking for simple non-background scrolling website

Hi. I am looking for a replacement site for www.mxn-strategy.com. The idea is quite the same, a fixed automatically scaled background, and the possibility of several resizable textblocks that can be placed at different places. It needs to look simple and clean, focussed on overall look and content. SEO is very important.

Does anybody know a website like this?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Steven,

My advice is to hire 2 person one who will make site and second who will make a SEO.
You can find person who will quality make 10 different things.
Is he good developer he cant be and good designer , SEO guy or something else.


Hi Steven

Based on your thread - Does anybody know a website like this?- I assume you mean a template. sorry no, but can give you a template like that in a day or 2 if your are interested. As for SEO there are soooo many options suggestions out there that TBH I would ignore most ‘experts’ and concentrate of the mystical ‘content,content,content’ linked to blogs,tweets etc. Run the site on HTTPS and not just HTTP - Google gives preference to HTTPS - but as most search engines change their algorithm regularly what you do ‘today’ may not be right ‘tomorrow’ hence ‘content content content’ and good backlinks via FB/Linkedin Twitter etc. Strong SEO can cost a lot as it is an ongoing task. Likewise where the site is hosted can effect any SEO work - some hosts are rated higher than others and also the actual domain name - how long has it been used etc. Think DMOZ, Wikipedia also for links

Make sure the site is symantic HTML, validates etc and you are a long way there.