Looking for simple but precise animated text over video - Example inside :

Hello all ,

I am looking for an “overlay text over video” template , for either after effects or premiere.

What I am looking for seems quite simple , but yet I can’t find anything like that on the Envato sites.

Example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bliWKVcMmH8

So overlay text , with different types of ins and outs and fades - plus the ability to change fonts and the color for each words independently …

Do you guys know of anything similar ?



this might be close to what you are looking for:
Boxer || Multi-lined Text Boxes with a Live Preview
Boxer || Multi-lined Text Boxes with a Live Preview

~ Basically, if you don’t need text boxes, they could be either turned off or their global opacity could be reduced to 0.
~ You can control number of characters per line dynamically. Meaning, any phrase added into placeholder will grow into next line automatically, effort free. WHICH leads to fully automatic approach possibilities, where only phrase is passed into placeholder layer.
~ There are 3 different animation types, with easy to control IN and OUT points, by markers.
~ Highlight colors are controlled individually.
~ Lines appearances can be delayed one from another.
~ Text can grow from any location, based on what you select.
~ There are also specifically subtitles-based comps, which grows dynamically from the bottom center.

Simply said - this template was made for exactly this type of use case scenarios. There are some relevant preview examples in project description.

If you might need any additional info - just let me know.