looking for short videos




i’m looking for buying short videos (<8MB for wordpress) on envato market but can’t find it. I look on videohive section but maybe this is not the good place (?)



You’ll find that most videos on VideoHive are optimised for quality, the idea being that the buyer will then convert them to something more manageable if they need a smaller file size or resolution for whatever reason. Much easier to reduce the file size/resolution/duration, than it is to increase the file size/resolution/duration!

I’d be happy to provide you smaller versions if you were to buy any of my stuff and I’m sure most other authors would be happy to help. Unless it’s a really long clip, then most clips should be able to be compressed to an MP4 at less than 8MB, without too much of a loss in noticeable quality.


Thanks for your reply ! I’ll follow your advice.
i’m looking for a video with an eye(s) for my website. It should be placed on the wordpress library.
I saw your portfolio but no eyes, just planets… :wink:



I’m surprised you couldn’t find any eyes in my portfolio, I have one of the most diverse collections of clips you’ll ever find on any stock marketplace. Nah, just kidding. It’s all just space stuff.




Hey David you can search for “eye” on videohive, stock footage section: http://videohive.net/search?category=stock-footage&term=eye&utf8=✓



Thank you abstract_labs.


If you do not have the skills of video compression, simply select the desired video clip and contact the author by e-mail. I think many authors compress video for you and send it by mail, of course, after you purchase the video.


Waiting for their replies.