Looking for Shop template with Quickview on hover!

I am searching for a template that can show more than the usual details (price and alternate pic) on hover. Something like a customized quick view on hover. To be more specific i want to make a website and the products have to show sizing info on hover. Any help??
Example on this page

Even if there is no template which can support that - you can always simple use a plugin for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately i ve searched for many hours but havent found anything close to that. Do you have something in mind?

You may end-up by modifying the codes. I have themes on my account that you may be interested in or I can offer a custom job for the modifications on your current theme

With a quick search

And no you do not need to pay for something so simple, do not even consider it

Thank you again! Basel theme gets close by showing size info but only after you press on quickview button. The other two extensions are the usual quickview popups that all themes have built-in. I could not imagine it would be that hard to find something similar. Essential Grid with woocommerce offers something like that if i manage to create a skin for it.