Looking for Sabai Discuss notifications widget

I have been using Sabai Discuss for my forum website, and overall I like the software - but I find the need for a few tweeks. The biggest one by far is my need for a notification system. Currently sabai will send out an email when a comment is made on your question for instance, but I want them to receive a notification in their browser, similar to facebook notifications. I am currently using BuddyPress Notification Widget, which allows users to be notified when they @tagged or when they receive a message, but nothing for getting a reply to your question.

Does this make sense?

Ideally, I am looking for Sabai Discuss widget that I can add to my top-menu which will notify the user when a comment has been made on their question (or whenever they would receive an email). Otherwise, BuddyPress integration would be the second best option.

What are your thoughts on this? Could anyone do this? What is a rough cost estimation?

Thanks in advance for any replies

OR OTHERWISE, is there already an existing solution that I am missing? Thanks


I can help you with developing such widget If you want.

Email me at basiliskan@gmail.com and we will do get a solution for the issue.

Thanks a lot

Hi Basil

I have sent you an email, maybe it ended up in your junk folder?

Could you check and get back to me?

Thanks, I’m keen to get started as soon as possible


havent got anything to be honest with you.
can u send it again? Neither on spam.

basiliskan@gmail.com once again to confirm :slight_smile:

Hi Basil, I have just sent you the email again, it’s titled “Sabai Discuss Notifications Widget”

Let me know if you get.