Looking for retro music to be featured in short film

Hi all,

we are looking for a few tracks to be featured in our short film. Here are links to what were looking for:

Chromatics - Tick of the Clock

Kavinsky - Nightcall

Julian Winding - The Demon Dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvUJsu5w8IU

If you have something ready, of course will pay the commercial license and you will be contact for proper IMDb credit.

thank you

Good day kind AmGrafix!

I hope i can assist in providing some music for your short film;

A somewhat clasical tune but with close to heart rythm and an oldskool feel;

A more technologix standpoint, a spiritual song fit for a emerging scene;

An epic intro like piece to sustain an allready smooth dark toned scene;

I have some more on the way, i will if thats ok with you, mind; send them over aswell because that might be a bit closer to what you originally looked for, in any case
thank you very much for your time, and i hope i can be of some assistance with my work!


My recommandation:

Good luck with your project!

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We have a copyright free track that got 80s style on my website. Maybe you can check our website and check our track retro 80s disco here https://edmroyaltyfree.net/free-download/royaltyfreedownload/

Heya. I have a new electronic dark atmosphere track maybe his can fit because it’s trailerish and really flexible.

Good luck :slight_smile:

If you want also music for the trailer take a look here https://audiojungle.net/collections/5598827-blockbuster-trailer

Try these items:

Hi @amgrafixstudio !
You can check my 80s style song! Hope you enjoy it:

Thank you!!

Hi @amgrafixstudio ,I’d love to be involved with this …there’s a John Carpenter vibe going on here.
Here’s a couple of bits for you to look at .I can also offer you bespoke versions/mixes, if required, to picture.

I’d also be willing to write something bespoke in the 80’s style you’re looking for if there’s nothing on here.

I await your reply with keen interest.


Gary Brady


I have a couple that might be suitable:


Hi! I have great collection of retro Synthwave music for you, check it here https://audiojungle.net/collections/5242246-retrofuturistic-synthwave

This one especially https://audiojungle.net/item/welcome-to-the-grid-/5462504

And this one https://audiojungle.net/item/street-racing/11292143

Hi there AmgrafixStudio, have you heard this?

Synthpop Supercar


Many thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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Evolving rock
90’s Trance
also any of drum and bass tunes:
Drum and Bass theme
Drum and Bass
Drum and bass Breakbeat

Great work!

We recognized “Synthpop Supercar” in a animated short film called Retrowave by Florian Renner. It was a submission to our film festival last year.


How awesome! Thank you for noticing, wish I could be there :wink: :grinning:


These should be useful:


This piece might be something your looking for, similar tot the Stranger Things Title Sequence music you posted:

hope this helps!

Spooky synthwave in this one which i think will fit perfectly in your project:

It’s like Depeche Mode live on Mars :wink:

Good luck with your project, mate!